L.U.L.A.T.S. - Let Us Look At The Sky


A multilateral COMENIUS-project (2010-2012)


Aims and objectives:

  • To increase motivation in science, technology, mathematics and nature by means of observing the universe.
  • To get students familiarize with different technologies (e.g. telescope, cameras, ICT).
  • To practise students and teachers interdisciplinary thinking.
  • To approach systematical scientifical teamwork.
  • To explore and understand different cultures and ways of living in Europe.
  • To train foreign languages.


Main activities:


  • Observe the moon, planets and stars with identical instruments from different regions of Europe
  • Search for good places to look at the sky
  • Visit observatories, planetariums and astronomical institutes


  • Processing data
  • Resolving problems arising with the observations
  • Exchanging information with partners
  • Building an internet platform
  • Creating and presenting products
  • Learning the appropriate vocabulary
  • Investigating the mythology of stars and constellations
  • Creating a logo and a banner


Target groups

Students (13-19 years) and teachers


Envisaged results/products:

  • Website
  • Star calendar
  • Diaries (blogs)
  • Posters


Guide to Galaxy by Jana, Kateřina and team (Czech Team)

15/06/2012 16:23

Venus and Sun From Trutnov

14/06/2012 18:28
The 6.6.2012 observing early morning :). Temperature -1 °C.

6th Primary School of Xanthi visits Olvio's High School for a trip to Space

16/05/2012 02:40
On Wednesday May the 16th, the 6th Primary School of Xanthi visited our school, for a trip to "Space". For that visit we made three prototypes workshops, which took place in parallel. At the first one, students were doing a review of the history of telescopes, viewed the telescope of our school and talked about planets and stars.  The second workshop was the big surprise of the school! It was not coordinated by teachers, but by students... Ramadan was the...

Constructing a solar system in scale!!!

04/04/2012 12:42
  On Wednesday, April 4th, we started the construction of the planets in our solar system. For the construction we used:   8 round balloons of different sizes Flour & water to make the gluten Newspapers Tempera or paint Cardboard and Paper tape Initially we inflated the balloons and then prepared the gluten flour by mixing flour and water (papier-mache) initially at a ratio of 3 to 1 and then heating and stirring the mixture until it reaches...

Meeting IN Trutnov - Greeks photo story

12/03/2012 02:43

Winner of Competition of the best space station

11/03/2012 18:07
  “OLVIO’ s SPACE STATION”      At 10th of January 2012 (9 o’ clock in the afternoon) I decided to create a space station, made of special materials due to high temperatures in the atmosphere. The station will be situated in LULATS planet on the 21st of December 2012.    Inside the space station there will be four groups of people working for a scientific experiment. The first group is under control of Mrs Bofiliou and consists of ten people. This...

Guide to Galaxy by Eda (Greek Team)

01/03/2012 02:28

Guide To Galaxy (German Team)

01/03/2012 00:48
Here is a preview of our "GUIDE TO GALAXY". If you like to download the guide and see the pictures in high quality, then click here!

Art Projects and Photos from the German Team

29/02/2012 08:36
Cosmic Games, Spacebarbie, Stellar Maps, Photos


20/02/2012 01:21
On February 20, four creative workshops were held: 1) MACARENA dance workshop and carnival mask on aliens 2) Workshop on Lulatsers language 3) Film Workshop, during which the students saw and discuss the St. Spielberg movie "E.T, the alien"  4) Theater workshop with theme: "From the Earth to space and from space to earth ..." Many of the benefits gained. At school there was a "pleasant disruption" where everyone - young and old - was ready to work.  The...
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